The visit to Chishall Mill started at Scottsdale’s Garden Centre where we took advantage of they facilities and coffee
Organized by Mel Vinton we looked forward to another interesting route, Mel happened to mention it was his birthday
which prompted a round of “Happy Birthday” which proved we are a motorcycle club and not a choir.

After fending off demands to move table due to Elf and Safety cos the parasol was broken we fired up the machines and set off.
I don’t know how Mel does it but he manages to find different roads and lanes to amuse and test us.

On arrival at the Mill we were greeted with refreshments and chocolate biscuits then a guided tour explaining the operation of the mill
and the tremendous work and effort put in by the dedicated volunteers.

I had to peal off and head home but I gather it was off to The Silver Ball by everyone else, I’m sure they enjoyed a decent blow out there.

Roger Newark launched his Drone and provided this amazing photograph of the group, bikes and mill, Thanks Roger.


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